Letter From The General Manager

At TechSoup we still, lovingly, refer to NGOsource, a project of TechSoup and the Council on Foundations, as a "new service." But now, as we celebrate our five-year anniversary, we are reminded that our revolutionary and transformative endeavor has matured before our very eyes. Growing at an average of 40 percent year over year, we have become the sector's gold standard in equivalency determination. I suppose the "new" quality that we all feel is rooted in our startup energy, ever-evolving technology, and relentless drive to constantly and continuously improve.

The past five years have not always been smooth or easy, but the outcome has always been superlative. NGOsource, five years in, is a smashing success. The die is cast; we are growing. More than ever before, philanthropy looks abroad, and NGOsource is there to make the world a little smaller.

Five years — the wood anniversary. A good fit for a service that has very much blossomed like a tree. The concept and need was recognized by leading minds in philanthropy and the Council on Foundations. The seed was planted. The soil was nourished and the budding plant tended to by a steering committee of leading voices in grantmaking. The sapling survived the hard winters and strong gusts as leaders worked with government officials and agencies to secure changes and approvals needed to enable an equivalency determination repository. Then one day, the sapling was a tree, and NGOsource swung into operation.

We have grown strong as more and more members have joined with more and more EDs requested. We have branched into 126 countries and processed just shy of 5,000 ED requests. The roots are strong, and the sky's the limit. NGOsource has helped and will continue to help grantmakers and NGOs alike change the world by removing the minutiae and burden of compliance by building a dynamic bridge that redefines the process. As my grandmother says, roots and wings.

NGOsource has made the world a little smaller and has played a small role in helping all members make it a little better. It is a transformative service that feeds and catalyzes transformation and global change. I cannot wait to see what the next five years bring.

With gratitude,